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The Total Rock Star package is designed for anyone looking to generate a stream of income to coincide with their website content. By adding a store to your website that is integrated with a print-on-demand company, you’ll hit all the right notes for taking your website to the next level. Abstractionz will work with you to develop merchandise relevant to your website’s subject while being marketable everywhere. For example: if you run a blog about beagles, we’ll develop merchandise beagle lovers everywhere will buy even if they don’t read your blog. If you run a Facebook ad to market the merchandise, these shoppers could turn into readers.

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How does it work?

Abstractionz connects your website to one of two high-quality services where one design can be turned into countless products. T-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc.  When a customer orders a product, the company handles everything, including shipping out the order. 




Managed website hosting through Abstractionz —no more worrying about losing your domain because you missed the renewal or broken sites. Our hosting provides 100% uptime, 2x processing speed, automatic backups, and malware/security scanning. There’s no limit on traffic or caps on storage size. *Maintenance package required*

Dragon Host

Some clients may prefer to go with a third-party host.  This is cool, I’m not here to talk you out of that. I do recommend and work regularly with Dragon Host. They offer everything we need for setting up your dream website. I’ll walk you through setting up an account, step by step. This option puts renewal responsibility in your hands

Already Hosted?

If you already have a website and are looking for improvements without moving from your current host, this cuts down the onboarding time. It should be noted though, there are a few website platforms I do not work with. In this case re-hosting will be required.

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Let's Get Started!

It’s easy to get rolling and on the way to developing your website with print-on-demand integration. To start, fill out this simple form and Abstractionz will get back to you within 24 hours to go over your needs.  You can also call or text (779) 232-3540