Book Covers

Your book cover is just as important as your synopsis. It can convey the sense of a mystery waiting to be solved or a new world about to be discovered. Combining skill in layout design, graphics and even photo manipulation Abstractionz can make your book cover for you. Your finished product will be provided in both eBook and paperback versions. The sizing will be based on Smashwords and Amazon Direct printing standards.

Photo Editing / Manipulation

Photo Editing
Do you have some digital photos that feel ‘flat’ or ‘off’ with their coloring? Maybe you want to add some effects to make the photos stand out for a special occasion. From fireworks added to the night sky to fixing the sky when it should be blue. This service may be for you.

Photo Manipulation
Specializing in adding wings, creating fantasy scenes and adding magic effects. The end result is dependent on the photo you provide.