Website Design Process

Step One

Discovery & Quote

Are you looking for a new website? Has your current site fallen behind and looks old or clunky? Maybe it’s just gotten so bloated that you feel overwhelmed looking at it and have realized that if you feel overwhelmed, your viewers probably do too. Abstractionz will work with you to carefully craft a new website that is appealing to look at, is well organized, informative, and flows smoothly.

The first step is as simple as a conversation. We’ll talk about what it is you do, goals for your website (and business), your target audience, and branding. Abstractionz will then custom tailor a game plan and issue a quote.  Once a quote is issued, the amount doesn’t change, even if it turns out to be more work than anticipated—no hidden fee shenanigans.

Note: If you need third-party vendor applications or services integrated onto your site, please remember those may have fees that are your responsibility and are not part of any service package provided by Abstractionz. This includes third-party fees for hosting, domains, SSL, software, or services should you chose that route.

Step Two


Ready to rock-n-roll? This step begins with sending the client an invoice for 50% of the quoted project cost.
Following receipt of payment, we’ll go through a series of tasks that can include: 

50% payment is due to begin work.

Both Abstractionz and the client will sign a contract of service. In this document, everything is spelled out nice clear, with no legalese. The purpose of the document is to form a clear understanding of the services offered, time frames, and all costs associated with the project.





Managed website hosting through Abstractionz —no more worrying about losing your domain because you missed the renewal or broken sites. Our hosting provides 100% uptime, 2x processing speed, automatic backups, and malware/security scanning. There’s no limit on traffic or caps on storage size. *Maintenance package required*

Dragon Host

Some clients may prefer to go with a third-party host. This is cool; I’m not here to talk you out of that. I do recommend and regularly work with Dragon Host. They offer everything we need to set up your dream website. I’ll walk you through setting up an account step by step. This option puts renewal responsibility in your hands.

Already Hosted?

If you already have a website and are looking for improvements without moving from your current host, this cuts down the onboarding time. It should be noted, though, there are a few website platforms I do not work with. In this case, re-hosting will be required.

Step Three

Content Development

This step is the ‘homework’ step. You’ll be asked to provide all available materials that will need to be displayed on the website. If Abstractionz is writing some of this content, we’ll be putting that together as well. One of the goals is to have everything elegantly presented for viewers. We want to avoid having dead-end pages or pages with little to offer. As we compile content that will be included, we’ll design your layout to fit your needs.

Information can be provided via Google Docs, Word Doc, or E-Mail.

Information packets meant for visitors to download should be in PDF format.
We do not offer photography services. Photos should be professionally taken. (12MP or higher at a pixel size of at least 1500×1500.) Photos should have no water marks and be unedited.

Step Four

I build, you relax

At this point, your domain and hosting should be set up and displaying a landing screen announcing your website is under construction. Most companies will send you screen-cap mock-ups and wire-frames. I build your website ‘live’. You’ll be provided a temporary URL where you can monitor the development of your new website and explore the look and functionality as progress is made. You’ll receive email notifications to help you keep track of changes and alerted as features need to be reviewed.  

Sit back and relax, knowing your awesome new website is on the way to being a reality.

Step Five

SEO, Optimization & Social Media

Abstractionz includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with all website work, focusing on making sure search engines and social media can adequately read and index your site. This is accomplished by following the industry’s best SEO practices. In this step, we double-check to make sure everything is tagged correctly. Next, we’ll hook up Google Analytics and set up Open Graph data. 

Optimization is a big deal in today’s industry. If you have an amazing website with all the bells and whistles, but it takes too long to load, it might cause you to lose a sale. Abstractionz website builds on average meet or clock under the 2 second.

If your project includes social media, your accounts will be filled in and customized during this step. However, help with social media won’t stop there. Some of what we talked about in Step One will be used to outline suggested content and a posting schedule. If your project package includes content creation, you’ll receive watermarked items for review. 

Step Six


It’s time to go live! This marks the wrap-up phase of the project. We’ll run some final tests for the launch and check over the website for a multi-point review of the content, functionality, responsive compatibility, and make any final adjustments needed. After you approve the website for launch,  you’ll receive an invoice for the remaining balance due. When that balance is paid, we’ll switch off the ‘coming soon’ landing page.

Once your website is live, you can share the address and start advertising. 

Step Seven

A few extra touches

After your website is live, there are a few technical things Abstractionz will take care of, like submitting to search engines. We’ll also get you set up with localized business listings. 

You’ll be provided your style guide, logo, a list of any log-in information for third-party services for your records, instructions on submitting updates, and anything else you may need.

Step Eight

Maintenance Mode

A website is never truly finished. Abstractionz can maintain your website by adding and changing the site’s content as needed with ease. Maintenance also entails keeping everything behind the scenes running smoothly. Your maintenance package will be tailored to your needs. As stated above, if you’ve opted to use my managed hosting through Abstractionz, you will need to subscribe to the basic maintenance package.

Maintenance can be paid monthly, quarterly, or save by paying yearly!

Basic Maintenance

The basic maintenance package includes security, optimization, and functionality.

Full Maintenance

A full maintenance package can include: