An ideal scenario will see your website completed in 4-6 weeks from the start date. The time it takes to complete the project can be impacted by the slow delivery of needed information or materials.  

No, please be cautious of anyone who says they can. There are a lot of factors that play into decent website rankings. Abstractionz includes SEO with all website work, focusing on making sure search engines can properly read and index your site. This is accomplished by following the industry’s best SEO practices.

Yes. Be sure to mention the need when requesting a quote!

Credit Card, PayPal, and Google Pay. Checks will be accepted on a case by case basis. 

A deposit consisting of 50% of the quoted cost should be made as a down payment before work begins. The remaining balance is due within 15 days after the project is completed.

Third-party services that charge service fees are your responsibility and are not part of any service package provided by Abstractionz. This includes third-party fees for hosting, domains, SSL, software, or services.

No, you don’t have to. The option is available to help keep everything quick and simple. Some people may find it confusing or complicated to pay out to the designer (Abstactionz) and then a hosting company. By integrating the hosting, domain, and SSL into your monthly maintenance package, you get one bill and don’t have to worry about missing renewal dates. If you already have a domain, we can work with that and still host in-house.
Your domain will belong to you, and if you need it released, we’ll provide the information required: no fooling around and no hidden costs.

Abstractionz regularly works with WordPress, one of the easiest platforms to use for self-maintaining a website once it’s up and running. We’ll even keep it backed up regularly so that if you make a mistake, we can reset everything back to before the big OOPS!
Don’t worry; we’ll also provide information on how to add and change the content.

More or less, I offer unlimited revisions. However, if it starts to look like the offer is being abused, we reserve the right to add a limit if things get out of hand. Remember, a website is never truly finished. You’ll be making changes regularly, so if you’re nervous about finalizing something and remaining happy with it, you can change it later.

Music is just about always playing when I’m working. Generally, a mug of coffee is sitting on the desk that I do sip casually. But sometimes, if I’m working in the evening, I switch it up to hot tea and occasionally cocoa.